How do stainless steel water bottles keep drinks hot?

Ever wondered why the contents of your Moon stainless steel water bottle stay warm and comforting for 12 hours or nice and chilly for 24 hours? Read on to find out.

The vacuum insulation is the space between two walls of the stainless steel bottle, which are partially evacuated of air. This reduces heat being transferred by conduction or convention (remember these from Grade 8 Science?)

Let’s simplify with an example: 


If you pour water heated at 10 degrees into a Moon Bottle, the inner wall will quickly match this heat. The outer wall, however, will stay at room temperature so when you handle the bottle it won’t be cold or wet (the latter is called sweating - gross!) 

The air trapped between the inner and outer wall acts as a buffer, so the temperature doesn’t transfer between the two. Hence why the contents will stay at 10 degrees for 12 hours.   

The use of premium grade 18/8 stainless steel guarantees that no heat can be lost from the walls for the first 12 hours. 


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