Whilst travelling the world, Moon Bottles founder Lynette saw first-hand the problems we are all experiencing with sustainability and waste. 

Single-use plastics are a big source of pain for the planet. Imagine how many of them end up thoughtlessly discarded, whether in landfills, sea water or burning fumes into the air.

Offering 100% reusable alternatives, guaranteed to last forever, is the perfect solution.

But why the name, Moon? 

While trekking through Chile, Lynette’s gaze was drawn to the vivid night sky. On one particular eve, the Moon itself was in full dazzling effect. It seemed the constellations were twinkling on overdrive. She suddenly felt blessed to be on this planet. Though a tad overdramatic, the memory stayed. 

It was clear we all needed a symbol, one that could bind us together in this worldwide issue, something everyone can relate to.

Then it dawned on Lynette, no matter if you’re camping in a canyon or rushing home after a late shift, we all have some sort of association with the Moon.

Three years after the company was founded, Moon Products are now being sent all over the globe. The Reusable Revolution has begun. 

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