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To obtain our stainless steel water bottles in bulk or at wholesale prices or to simply ask a question, email us here or submit the form below and we’ll respond as soon as we can. 

Looking to purchase some eco-friendly, insulated water bottles in bulk for your office, team, production crew, space station etc? Or looking to purchase some bottles to sell onto others and spread the good word about reusable products? We have experience in bulk bottle orders of any size and will look after you every step of the way from our Australian office.   

If you’re a like-minded business, we’d love your help in spreading the Moon Bottle mantra and promoting a reusable lifestyle. 

Personalised Drink Bottles for Bulk and Wholesale.

We also offer personalised and cobranding options, so you can upload your logo or text to create a customised bottle design. All custom water bottles are engraved in Australia using a high precision laser for a finish that lasts forever.