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Founder Lynette was raised on a Gold Coast strawberry farm, where eco-living was the norm. Her family saved water, built solar panels, made D.I.Y clothing and ate a lot of berry pie. As a kid, Lynette even had a reusable bottle at school, but the light-bulb hadn’t quite flickered. 

Yes, we know, this sounds like a heart-warming book. But it’s a true story, promise. 

Despite growing up with the right ingredients, it took travelling overseas for inspiration to kindle. 

Lynette’s first cross-country endeavour began with moving to the UK. In what became her second home, she worked as a teacher and built up a new base of family and friends. This lucky assortment would later become her first clientele when Moon Bottles began.  

While in Amsterdam, Lynette lived in a modest (ok: very small) apartment where owning a bunch of things wasn’t an option. Locals were super environmentally friendly. Outside of perfecting the pancake, they encouraged recycling and all that good stuff. 

Another source of inspiration was the rather dreary sights Lynette witnessed while back-packing. During a rainforest trek, she couldn’t help notice the deforestation. Climate change melted a once beautiful glacier to half its former size. She’d spot polluted waterways, and rubbish piled on the street. Of course, there were the bushfires back in OZ too. 

Rather than complain to friends, who had already heard enough (sorry guys), she decided to take action.  

Through her travels and upbringing, Lynette was now incredibly familiar with the power of sustainability. 

Plastic bottles are a big source of pain for the planet. Imagine how many of them end up thoughtlessly discarded, in landfills or burning fumes into the air. A reusable, high-quality bottle was the perfect solution. 


But why the name, Moon Bottles? Ok, one last story. 

While trekking through Chile, Lynette’s gaze was drawn to the vivid night-sky. On one particular eve, the Moon was in full dazzling effect. It seemed the constellations were twinkling on overdrive. She suddenly felt blessed to be on this planet. Though a tad overdramatic, the memory stayed. 

No matter if you’re camping in a canyon or rushing home after a late shift, everyone has some sort of association with the Moon. 

Three years after the company was founded, Moon Bottles have been sent all over the world. 

We like to think that along with them comes some form of message; caring for our environment is as ubiquitously important as the moon itself. 

Also, brightly-coloured stainless steel looks really sweet. Much better than cheap plastic.

You can join the reusable revolution by purchasing a moon reusable product here

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