Happy Day for Dads

With slightly longer days, flowers starting to bloom and minimal jackets, spring has nearly officially begun. Which means, Father’s Day is just around the corner. A time to break out the ‘dad jokes’, ridiculous puns and to let your dad know how cool he is (well… just for this one day only).

But did you know, Father’s Day was dreamt up by a woman?

After the successful promotion of Mother’s Day, Sonora Dodd sought about raising awareness for a ‘dad equivalent’ day in 1909. Then on 19 June 1910 the first official Father’s Day was held in the state of Washington. 

The way we celebrate may have changed over the decades, but at the heart this day is truly about appreciating the father figures in our life. So, what will you be doing this 4th of September?

For me personally, I intend on crafting some cards with my toddler son to give to my own father and husband, along with a small homemade gift (I'm thinking food treats here) and a possible picnic with the family (weather pending). But there are multiple other things you can do for your Dad, without breaking the budget and investing in wasteful products. 

Here a couple of my top suggestions for 'eco' type gifts:

  • If you have the time and resources, think about making a gift. This could come in the form of something you cooked or baked, something up-cycled or even a plant you have potted up. 
  • Plant a tree in your Dad’s name. There are many charitable organisations who offer this, or you can search ‘plant a tree’ on Etsy to get more ideas.  
  • Present him with a gift certificate to an eco-friendly business or buy him something second hand from a local charity shop (I'm thinking a rad shirt).
  • Gift him with a personalised reusable gift which promotes a positive message (insert Moon bottle plug here) or indulge him with some tasty vegan treats.

 Got any other cool Father’s Day gift ideas? Leave me a comment below.

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