Sizing Info:

The 360 Travel Mugs come in 2 sizes. The 300ml size is a reusable cup for your daily coffee fix. The 450ml size is a Travel Mug to take your hot drinks with you on the go.

Both sizes fit all standard car cup holders. 

Full dimensions are below:

moon travel mug dimensions

Keeping your drinks hot for 5+ hours and fitting car cup holders, it'll go everywhere you go and become your new best friend (apologies to your current best friend)

We're a boutique Australian brand with a passion for reusable products that last forever, so can charge less for insulated mugs made from the highest grades of 18/8 Stainless Steel. We instead focus our efforts on giving back to the environment & treating our customers like family. 

Don't take the chance on cheaper mugs or pay more to cover the costs of a big business. Instead, shoot for the Moon.

A Coffee Mug for the Environment.

Every Moon Travel mug is 100% BPA Free and a great way to reduce the demand for single use plastics that end up in our oceans or landfills.

To make your purchase totally risk free, we offer a lifetime guarantee on every insulated coffee mug purchased from our AU website. By drinking out of a Moon Travel mug, you may never need to buy a single-use coffee mug ever again.  

An Innovative, Leak Proof Lid. 

Our MOONFLO lid offers a 360 degree drinking experience. Simply click the top button to open the seal and sip from any direction. The dome shaped surface  regulates a steady flow of fluid to replicate drinking from your favourite mug at home. 

Best Travel Mug for all Car Cup Holders. 

The tapered bases of our reusable travel mugs have been designed to fit any car cup holder. Perfect for any drink, hot or cold, the simple operation allows for distraction free sipping while driving. Finally, the base is padded to avoid any risks of scratches your interior or surfaces.