The Moon Bottle is Carbon Neutral

So what does this mean exactly?

We have been working with ClimatePartner to measure our Moon Bottle’s Carbon Footprint. From the manufacturing process, the packaging involved, the logistics and what happens at the end of life, we were able to calculate the amount of CO2 a single Moon bottle emits. 

It was discovered that the 1L Moon bottle emits approximately 4 kgCO2e during its entire lifetime. With  hotspots being in raw materials, energy in production and packaging. With these elements in mind we are working to reduce the carbon emitted from these particular areas and will keep our loyal Mooners in the loop with our progress. 

Already our factory has switched over to renewable energy as their main source of electricity. We are working out ways to replace the inner bio-bag with something compostable and designing alternatives to the current cardboard tubing used to package the bottles.

Bear in mind, some of the CO2 emitted by the Moon bottle is unavoidable. So to compensate, we support a recognised and internationally certified climate action project: Carbon Offset + Regional Tree Planting. 

Here the CO2 offsetting is done by contributing to one of the following two projects. One project supports the protection of the forest in Pará located in the Amazon rainforest. In addition to providing income support, education, health care, sanitation, food security and other social support for 16,000 indigenous people. The other project supports afforestation and the conversion of forests in Germany to mixed forests to best adapt to the changing climate. You can learn more about these projects here


So what’s next for Moon?

I’m proud to be a part of a tree planting project which offers forest protection and regional support. And yes, the Moon bottle is currently carbon neutral but there is still a little way to go to reduce the bottles overall carbon footprint. 

And what about our other reusable products? Watch this space as I continue to work with ClimatePartner to calculate our other product’s carbon footprints and help to get these to carbon neutral. An ongoing project, but a rewarding one. 

To learn more about how our Moon bottle is carbon neutral, click here.

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